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Our Purpose

Following the Way of Jesus Together!

As followers of Jesus Christ, our purpose is to make disciples who want to:

Be with Jesus.

Become like Jesus.

Do what Jesus did!

Following the Way of Jesus!

This is an entire life’s pursuit.  For us, following Jesus is not simnply expressed at an event on a Sunday, it is a  “way” of life, lived out together with a local community of Christians, gathered around the teachings of Jesus.

Jesus calls us to be WITH HIM; to LEARN FROM HIM and to be EMPOWERED BY HIM for Mission!


To live this way means we need to be transformed, from the inside out, leading to a Holy Spirit created, deep, authentic and radical change of character, acquired through teaching, practice, community, and the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit, in the presence of; imitating the way of and following the directions of Jesus.

Being Church - Together!

As a Church, we freely admit that at best we are an imperfect and mixed group of people, who are forgiven by the blood of Jesus and accepted by the grace of God.  Nevertheless, Jesus intends that it is through the church's communial life, that we grow and develop into the likeness of Jesus and fulfil His madate for us to make disciples! 

This is why we gather for public worship; meet together in our Life Groups; pray together at our Connect Meetings; teach and guide our children and young people in WCF Kids and Unity Plus and  introduce people to Jesus through our Alpha Groups.

Our Church community exists so that we can BE WITH JESUS TOGETHER to help form us to become who He wants us to be!  Yoy are always welcome to come and explore who Jesus is and how you might get to know Him; learn of and from Him and become like Him, as you serve Him here in Whitby and beyond!

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