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West Cliff Building Project

Whitby Christian Fellowship meets at West Cliff Church which is located at the top of Skinner Street in Whitby, YO21 3AH. The building has housed local congregations of Christian believers since 1867 but we took over the lease in June 2021 with the aim of continuing the gospel witness in Whitby for many years to come.

Day one in West Cliff.jpeg

Day 1

The work begins...

With so much renovation work to do where do you begin?  We surveyed the scene and prioritised the tasks that would enable us to open for public worship by the end of June. Onwards and upwards!

Key Milestone - Sunday 27 June 2021.

First Sunday worship in the new building.

First Sunday at West Cliff 26 June 2021.jpeg

As well as our first Sunday for public worship it was our Gift Day for the building and praise God, His provision to us was over £30,000 without us making any public appeal beyond that of our Church community. How good is the God we adore, a seal and a sign of His blessing towards us.

Multimedia screens3_edited.jpg

Key Milestone - - August 2021

A Multimedia Venue

Getting the internet and a good wifi service was a real challenge. Good old BT Openreach got us there for £10 installation when anything between £600-£1000 was been suggested for install. Wiith a little bit of help and some effort of our own, we got there. Another token of Almighty God's provision.

Key milestone - August 2021

Up on Roof!

Church building roofs are notorious for leaking and ours is no exception.  The scaffold is up and the work has begun to remove the tiles; treat the timbers; insulate the space; fit the waterproof membrane and the re-tiling of the roof is underway.

The roof work begins.jpeg
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