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More about the Whitby Pier Psalm!

There is a Bible verse, attached to the lighthouse on the Whitby’s West Pier from Psalm 93:4 which reads: "Mightier Than the thunders of Many Waters, Mightier Than the Waves of the Sea, The Lord on High is Mighty.” Underneath it, is a comment from one, “MB”, which says: “God is always greater than all of our troubles.” Reassuring! But have you ever wondered, who is “MB”? My research revealed that “MB” stands for Mother Basilea (1904-2001), a Christian leader whose organisation placed ”praise plaques” at various locations around the British Isles, designed to act as ‘silent missionaries’, reaching out to people with God’s word and a message of challenge and reassurance, in places where people are exposed to the beauty and power of creation, in this case, the sea and at Whitby harbour! But why?

Well, the sea, though beautiful can also be an awesome, almost monstrous thing of power and ferocity, as its waves crash against the shore and threaten to overwhelm whatever lies in its path. For this reason, a wild sea has often served as a metaphor for the human condition, when people are feeling overwhelmed by circumstances beyond their control; fearing being swept away by the difficulties and troubles of life. So, the plaque at Whitby lighthouse calls out to those who are troubled and anxious; overwhelmed by fear and doubt, reminding them that God is “Mightier than the thunders of many waters; mightier than the waves of the sea”. No matter how great our problems are, “God is always greater than all of our troubles.” Let us then reach out to Jesus today, who says to us, “Do not let your hearts be troubled... believe in God, believe also in me.” Turn to Him in prayer now and give Him all of your cares and troubles. He will carry them for you!

This blog appeared in the Whitby Gazette's "Views from the Pews", June 2023.

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Thanks for sharing the quote John 🙏🙏

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