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So 2021 is here! We shall certainly not easily forget 2020. The World has been sorely tested and so have we Christians. Where is God in all of this and what is He doing through it? I'm sure we have lots to learn. Here Andy Lloyd, one of our Elders shares his own insights on how he managed through the challenge of Covid 19 and all of that!....


So, welcome to 2021! It’s been a rainy morning here in Whitby although the sun is trying to break through the dark clouds at the moment.

David John Winter
November 26, 2020 · joined the group along with .
David John Winter

It's great to hear and read testimonies of how people found Jesus. Today I want to introduce you to Leanne. Read her story in her own words and then once you've read it feel free to ask questions or add any words of encouragement. Thank you...

Leanne Coy
Andy Sawyer
David John Winter

Hi All! Welcome to the WCF Chat Group. This is the place to connect, to say hello. To share, bless and offer prayer. Its also the place to laugh and be friends. Check out the other groups to and consider joining one, if it fits in with either your church responsibility or interest.


Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...
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