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So 2021 is here! We shall certainly not easily forget 2020. The World has been sorely tested and so have we Christians. Where is God in all of this and what is He doing through it? I'm sure we have lots to learn. Here Andy Lloyd, one of our Elders shares his own insights on how he managed through the challenge of Covid 19 and all of that!....


So, welcome to 2021! It’s been a rainy morning here in Whitby although the sun is trying to break through the dark clouds at the moment.

I find myself, at the beginning of a new year, with lots of conflicting emotions. On the one hand, I am grateful to God for bringing me through to this New Year, following what by any measure has been a very odd 2020. On the other, there is a real sense of disappointment that I haven’t been able to see our family and friends as we would have wanted to; and this is coupled with the uncertainty about when and how the vaccine will be rolled out and when we will finally be released from the ravages of this COVID-19 virus. Maybe add to that a bit of anxiety about how best to keep safe and well.

I am sitting in my study at home, surrounded by books with a glorious (if a little damp) view of the moors. I have spent a lot more time in this room in the last 9 months than I expected to do – working from home has meant that I have made friends with this space. As I write I have the New Year’s Day concert from Vienna playing in the background. Maybe one day I will be able to be there to see it in person!

I am warm, I am dry, I have food in the cupboards.

I am privileged!

I am also loved by God and I know that whatever else has happened in 2020 and will happen in 2021, I am safe in Him. It is to Him that I can turn with all of my concerns, anxieties, needs and desires. He will listen to me, comfort me, strengthen me and send me out to do works for His service.

I woke this morning with a verse from 1 Chronicles in my head. To put this in context, in my childhood for a while I attended with my parents a very ordinary Anglican Parish Church, and for a while was a choirboy there. I got to know the Book of Common Prayer very well, including on the very final page the table of kindred and affinity which sets out who you