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Contemplating the Almighty

Frederick W Faber in his hymn “My God how wonderful Thou art” penned these beautiful words…

“Only to sit and think of God,

Oh, what a joy it is! To think the thought, to breathe the Name, Earth has no higher bliss."

This desire to contemplate God is also expressed in a sermon preached by C.H. Spurgeon, entitled “The Beatific Vision” which was preached on the text “we shall see Him as He is” (1 John 3:2), Spurgeon says “We have I believe, all of us who love his name, a most insatiable wish to behold his person. The thing for which I would pray above all others, would be for ever to behold his face, for ever to lay my head upon his breast, for ever to know that I am his, for ever to dwell with him. Ay, one short glimpse, one transitory vision of his glory, one brief glance at his marred, but now exalted and beaming countenance, would repay almost a world of trouble.” Today we Christians need to rediscover more of this yearning for God. This heart-felt, intense longing that finds no joy greater than God and no contemplation higher than God. It shall be our business in Heaven so why not begin that business here on earth?


(1). C.H Spurgeon - Sermon delivered on Sabbath Morning, January 20, 1856, at New Park Street Chapel, Southwark.

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